Cemetery I, Ontario

Date:June 23, 2001

Investigators:Dee Freedman, Anita Perron, 
   Steve Dietrich, Krystal Perron,
   Sue Darroch . Lisa Reid 

Weather:Cloudy, Warm, Dry

Moon Phase:

Cemetery I, Ontario

Date:June 7, 2001

Investigators:  Dee Freedman
Anita Perron
Janet Forrester

Weather:Clear, Warm, Dry

Moon Phase:

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  There have been reports of vandalism at this cemetary  Please note that there will be extensive patrols done by Police at this property should you know its location, especially on and around Halloween. Please have respect for those buried here. 


The Church was built upon land donated by one of the original settlers, John Adamson. Being a carpenter by trade, John Adamson both supervised and helped build the church, which was finished and dedicated in May 1849. Other community members included William Gibson who was the first to be buried in the adjoining cemetery.

In 1890 the church was closed down because at the time there existed 3 other churches of the same faith in the immediate area. There are stories of one old gentleman that continued to go to the closed church every week to worship in silence for many years afterward.

The cemetery was expanded in 1888, in 1914 and again in 1939 to include the property south of the original cemetery and across the road on the east side.

The current urban legend of a haunting there consists of a caretaker who is still doing his job devoutly even though he is no longer of the physical world. In 1931 William Brown, an area resident was appointed caretaker until retirement at which time his son, bill took over. Could the spirit of one the Brown men be the caretaker people have witnessed, still looking after the grounds?

June 7, 2001 report

June 23, 2001 report

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We all met at the cemetery at approximately 8:00 pm. Janet opened the gate for us and upon entering half of the gate decided to begin closing hitting my truck on the passenger side, leaving a bit of black gate paint behind.

We prepared our equipment, opening a fresh cassette tape for the audio recorder, loaded fresh film into one of our 35mm cameras, and readied the digital camera. We then decided just to wonder around the cemetary and enjoy its ambiance. This is a lovely cemetary with an old section at the north end. Unfortunately there are signs of vandalism by youths who think it a party spot.

As Janet is very familiar with this site, we relied on her to answer questions for us and confirm any thing we picked up with respect to emotions and thoughts. I was attracted to a specific grave and walked directly toward it reciting my impressions as I walked. I distinctly felt the presence of an angry young woman and a crushing feeling on the right side of my head. The pressure on my head was quite intense. This surprised me a bit because normally I don't pick up anything in cemeteries. They are not usually haunted by spirits unless there are special circumstances. Upon reading the stone, I found the deceased's name to be Jane, who died in her early 20's.

After relating my findings, Janet confirmed that Jane often attracted other women to her grave site and further confirmed that "other people's impression of her is that she is angry and was possibly a nit-picking nag in life".

Anita and I also got the sense of being followed by a curious onlooker who meant no harm.  Anita and Janet went on to tour the cemetery together and left me on my own to explore the environment. I was pretty absorbed in walking around the old section reading stones and didn't take much notice as to where Anita and Janet were off too. As I was looking around, I heard a woman say something behind me and turned around expecting to find one of  the girls, only to find nothing, however I did ask whatever it was to repeat itself, but that didn't happen. Looking up I then noticed Anita and Janet about 40 feet to the south of me.

We finally all met up together again in the older section. Anita and Janet were walking about 4 to 5 feet from each other when they both stopped and each of them heard a set of foot prints behind them that took another step. I noticed they looked at each other then looked for me, to place my position. I happened to be in front of them not behind them, so it wasn't me. Both of the girls got the sense of a spirit who wanted to be noticed and was enjoying their company and having a little fun with them which made them both smile from ear to ear.

I placed our audio recorder near a group of flat lying stones and turned it on because I just felt it would be a good spot to do so. Janet , after the fact, told me that it was usually a good place to pick up the sound of children, although when I examined the tape later in the week, I found nothing on it. There was one point were I felt a strong urge to take a photo and as I was doing so, caught what looked like lightning coming out of the back wall of the building. Unfortunately this did not show up on the film.
This particular night was fairly quiet, with a few exceptions. In one instance, as Krystal was walking on the north side of the old church building that is there, she distinctly heard a man humming to himself, but upon examining the area, we could find no one around and no other source for the sound.

This cemetery generally is very peaceful and makes you feel calm. There is certainly nothing harmful here or malicious by any means. Nothing that we have found at any rate.

We will continue to visit periodically and share most of our information, although we are reluctant to share everything. We do keep certain information to ourselves to see if others who visit have any collaborative stories when they write to us by email.

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Cemetery I, Ontario
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