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Firkins House, Alberta

On Mon, 30 Jul 2007 21:21:53 -0600,

Good morning/afternoon,

My name is Katie Karpetz and I grew up in the Firkins House, which my parents had donated to Fort Edmonton Park. Ms. Smith [Barbara Smith] had written about our house in one of her Ghost Stories of Alberta books, and, while the house was indeed haunted, I am dismayed to say that her representation of the haunting was largely inaccurate. 

In her book, Ms. Smith wrote that the ghost had a habit of jumping onto the backs of the homes residents, would periodically sit down to breakfast with the family, and would sing to the baby, among a few other occurrences. While these claims are not entirely false, they are somewhat misrepresented in the book. The ghost that haunted my family home did not jump on our backs. Once, my mother had been painting one of the upstairs bedrooms late at night before we had actually moved into the home, and when she was finished for the night, she turned off the lights and turned to leave. At the top of the stairs, something hugged her from behind. She screamed and ran out of the house. When she got outside, she looked up and saw that the light was on again. Thinking that she may have just been crazy, she went back into the house to turn the light off. Once again, something hugged her from behind as she was turning to go down the stairs, sending her running and screaming out of the house again. When she looked up, the light was on again, but she decided not to re-enter the house and instead went home. The next day, when my parents came back to the house to continue working on it, the light upstairs was off. 

Once my family had moved into the house, the ghostly encounters certainly didnt stop, but the ghost never sat down to breakfast with us. Once, after coming home to put my sister and I to bed, my mother went into the kitchen and noticed a man sitting at the table. She asked him what he was doing there, thinking he may be a friend of my fathers or one of the neighbours, but after stopping to rub her eye for a minute, he vanished. 
These are just a few examples of the ways in which our story was inaccurately narrated in Ms. Smiths book. Please understand that, given the way in which our story was misrepresented, I am skeptical of all of her stories. Ms. Smith made no effort to contact my family when writing her book, and I am a little confused as to where she got her information from. If Ms. Smith chooses to include the story of the Firkins house in a future book, article, or other work, I ask that she please contact me or my parents to verify the story. She can email me at this address if she wishes to speak to me or get my parents contact information. 

Thank you for your time,

Katie Karpetz (name published with permission)

Sydney, Nova Scotia. Etoile de l'Acadie

Linda xxxx <>
Mon, Jun 11, 2007 11:32 AM
I recently started working at a school in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Etoile de l'Acadie. I seem to be the only one still working there who has had bizarre things happen to them. There have been others as I have heard, but they have long since quit.

It seems to be the cafeteria of the school where most of the incidences happen. One evening I was cleaning the cafeteria when I got the strangest feeling that someone was staring at me. So I stopped for a second, turned around, and nothing there. I was holding my broom directly  in front of me, and when I went to turn back around to continue my work, the broom came flying at my face...with alot of force. I have been walking down the hall with my cart, when my purse flew off and across the hall and the keys fell out onto the floor...the funny thing about this story is...I was almost to the janitors closet, and if that hadnt have happened I would have locked my purse and the keys in there and wouldnt have been able to get them out.

I've had doors open and close by themselves, showers turn themselves on and off...and well lets just say there are alot of unusual noises to be heard when I am there all alone at night.

There is no way that I am imagining all of this, but I do find it odd that I am the only one who seems to have these things happen, is it normal for a ghost or spirit to only mess with one person? I dont feel threatened by it in anyway really...but it is sort of unsettling.      LINDA  


Ghost road
Mon, Apr 23, 2007 12:22 AM
Paul <>

Hi, i just thought i'd share tonights story of ghost road in port perry. Myself and 3 friends left peterborough at 11:30, i'm unsure of when we arrived at the actual road but we drove down and parked right by the fence around the middle of the road on the opposite side. we turned off the lights and took a few pics of eachother and whatever we could catch with our hands sticking out of my 2005 cheverolet avalanche. We then all kept quiet for as long as possible then we started talking about what we were seeing and hearing but nothing was really relevant or anything we expected of the ghost. my car alarm set off randomly and spooked us all, this happened about 3 times through out the night but we thought maybe i touched it accidently and the 3rd time was because a friend put his knee on it when he was hanging out of the sun roof.  We noticed the field seemed to change in pitch of light but we think might just be the way our eyes were adjusting. soon enough we heard a dog bark, then followed by a wolf howl, then even closer a pack of coyotes screaming and what sounded to be a scream.  we sat around until around 1:30-2:00 when all of a sudden we saw the field light up a lot brighter then before so we then decided at the same time we were leaving, we drove down the road to about 25feet before the rock and my friend took a pic to see if he could see into the trees, then i slowly crept upto the rock and he went to take a pic and before he could click the button my car alarm went off, while the truck was running and was not the normal alarm it was going nuts so we were spooked so i tried to drive away and turn towards island road and my truck(almost new condition) chugged out and felt like there was resistance and the car alarm was still going wild but the acceleration came back and we just got the hell out as fast as we could i didnt even want to stop to figure out the alarm going off until we got to the stop sign at island road. I turned off the truck and got out and shut the alarm off the way it is supposed too, its a high tech remote alarm and it signalled a icon flashing a sledge hammer indicating the car had been hit with something. we are back in town and the alarm has done nothing fishy since. we suspect the ghost was unhappy with us trying to take pictures and had something to do with this, we think the way he died was coming down that road on his motorcycle and hit that rock and tonight we were in his path and he went through our car or something. any explanations or ideas i've been a few times but this is some supernatural stuff im sure.


Pick your route carefully, Sept 6 2006

My name is Len [named changed by writer's request] and Iv discovered something of a spiritual presence that hangs around a certain street in Ajax every morning around 4 am. Iv picked up on this entity nearly 6 times now, as I am on that street regularly at that time in the morning as its on my way home from one of my local haunts, yes I realise the Irony in that sentace. Anyways, As you walk from the top end of the street, on the left side only, as the right will produce no results, as will looking around more than you normaly would while walking down any other street, I find its best to keep your head down for the most part, Anywho as you walk down this street, top to bottom, and no turn offs or short cuts, You will experience a cold sensation and a pressure on your chest, not heavy just enugh to remind you its there. After several minutes of walking under these conditions it will dissapear and be replaced by a feeling of being watched or followed by an extremely malevolent being, by this point your stuck with your new friend, from my experience, the only way to get rid of it is to leave the street, reaching the end, going down a side street or entering a house, it dissapears once you leave visual range of xxxxx St. its gone, and wont come back if you should return. I have experienced this many times, as have a few friends of mine without any prompting from me, infact i discovered they had experienced it at a bonfire when ghostly encounters were traded.

HRG NOTE:We'll check this out when we have a chance and let ya know! Thanks Len.


Everyone loves Ghost Road, June 4 2006

Hi there! My name is Phyllis and I was talking with a friend of mine about Ghost Road. We are a bit curious about it and your website. Sometime this week, my friend and I are planning to go back to Ghost Road to see if we can actually spot the ghost there. Do you have any advice on what actions we could take? We went down there tonight, Sunday, June 4th, 2006 at around 9:30pm,and never saw anything. Also, could this be dangerous to sit around and see if we can see this ghost? If you could get back to us, we'd greatly appreciate it! 

Thanks very much for your patience. 



Ghost Road Experience January 19, 2006 11:31:11 AM, 

Hey ladies and gentlemen,
      A friend of mine has shown me your website, recommending it to me. I was definitely interested in it, as I happen to live in Port Perry and have been to Ghost Road a few times myself. I saw we could submit our experiences, and here are mine.
     First off, that "ghostlight" you say has been explained, perhaps it has been only partially explained. While it may prove why you see it each and every night, it does not prove well enough to me the incident I've seen. A friend of mine joined me to Ghost Road, and as we enjoyed our cigarettes, we watched the light. Instead of hovering at the end of the road as it normally does, the light came out towards us, seeming to be mere feet away from us, and we were at the other end of the road. In no way does the explanation of the "ghostlight" explain to me in full how it moved so randomly, as well as came directly at us.
     In another incident with a girlfriend, her mother, her friends, and my friend (same from the last incident above) all went to the road. My girlfriend's group was not aware of Ghost road at the time. We were taking photos of the area, listening, and talking to other people who were also there watching the sites. In this one night, it was very active. It, being the paranormal activity. We were parked by the rumoured area the body of the dead little girl was found. That said little girl (assumably) walked behind my jeep and vanished in front of our eyes.
     We wandered up the road, trying to see the light that night, and we heard rustling, like foot steps in the woods next to us. We slowed down, began whispering, and focusing our attention to the woods. I took pictures with a flash digital camera as the rustling seemed to get closer, but still we saw nothing. We started walking back to my jeep, passed a truck parked by the woods by other scared witnesses and as I took one more flash picture, a deep, loud growl came out of the general rustling area. We ran to the jeep, jumping in and driving off in a hurry, the truck followed behind us. Our group pulled over minutes later in a coffee shop and as we talked, we couldn't come up with anything that was satisfactory as an explanation. We thought perhaps the people in the truck had someone in the woods pulling a prank on us, but we realized the growl was no way human. If it was an animal, it was very big, and I don't know about any bear sightings around the area.
     Just thought I'd share this with you. I go there any time I can, but never alone.


Strange happenings at Ghost Road not related to the light, April 17, 2005 3:33:39 PM

The date is April 16/2005, Myself along with two close friends and my son and daughter where on our way back to Toronto after being in Lindsay to watch my son's band.  As we had heard about Ghost Road and I had been there myself over 10 years ago, we all decided it would be fun for us to drive home through Port Perry and visit Ghost's Road.
As we turned off Island Road and started heading toward the big rock a very strong smell of garlic started to fill the car, the closer we got the stronger the smell.  We all smelt the garlic except for Gary, who was not able to smell a thing, and he did not have a cold.  I suddenly started getting Goosebumps and I turned the car around getting frightened and headed for home.  Then I noticed that my seat was getting very very hot, to confirm this my friend Gisana felt my seat and could not believe how hot it was.  But a few seconds later the seat turned icy cold and the wind shield wipers went off.  My hands where no where near the wiper switch at the time, and Gisana can confirm this.
The strange thing about this is that only Gisana and I saw the wipers move quickly on and off.  Gary and my son and daughter in the back seat did not see this.  And it is also strange that Gary didn't witness anything strange, neither the strong garlic smell in the car, the hot seat or the wipers.
It was indeed a very strange event for us and we will be brave enough to one day go back and try once again to see the light at ghost road.
Thank-you for letting us share our story
Evi, Brandon, Lucy, Gary, and Gisana


GHOST ROAD, December 11, 2004 5:55:54 PM

yes well last night fri dec 10 a bunch of friends and i went to ghost road and myself i have allways belived that ghosts dont execist. well after last night i mean i was so scared i am a true belever and making my way back tonight, Randy


GHOST ROAD:From :  JUDY <> Sent :  December 30, 2003 2:16:09 PM 
On December 29th 2003 at 10:30 pm my sister and I were sitting on ghost road.  After hearing many different stories about ghost road, we decided to see for ourselves what all the talk was about.  And what we saw, we now are firm believers in the paranormal.
First we saw the bright light in the centre of the road, which appeared and disappeared out of nowhere.  Then we witnessed a red light, which we later found out it might of been the ghost tail light.  Then what really freaked us out we saw a small circular blurry white object floating around the road moving back and forth and going up into the trees and back down again, then it disappeared.  We were really freaked because there was no guys with us so we left, and couldnt believe what we had witnesed.  That was our experience off the Port Perry Ghost on Ghost Road. 

BACHELOR'S GROVE:From :  <> Sent :  December 28, 2003 3:19:59 AM 

HRG NOTE:  We received this email from some locals in Chicago and I am hoping that the next time we are in Chicago, they'll meet with us at the cemetery.

PRIVATE HOME:Wendy xxxx<> Wed, 8 Oct 2003 11:08:36 -0400 

I am just following up with some more information for you. Yesterday evening was a very strange night in our house. Things had been quite quiet for the last week but when we got home from work yesterday, all of the bed sheets on my bed had been rolled into a coccoon at the head of my bed. I always make my bed before I leave for work in the morning so this of course was very odd. It was like someone just took the sheets at the foot of the bed and rolled them all the way up to the head of the bed like a jelly roll.

Then, later in the evening, I was cuddling with my little boy and decided it was time to put his P.J.'s on. We left the room for maybe two minutes and when we came back, somehow 10 of his little plastic farm animals had been removed from his toy drawer (which was closed when we left the room and open when we returned) and lined them up neatly on a table near where we were sitting. They had been placed on a table that my son knows not to touch because it holds some photos of my son and some knick knacks. He is quite aware and very good at leaving that table alone and I know that those animals were not there when we left the room to put his pyjamas on.

Also, during the day, my son is taken care of by my sister. She experienced two odd occurances yesterday and one on Monday night as well. On Monday night, after I had picked up my son, she had taken a shower and was towelling off when she heard my 16 year old neice calling "mom, hurry up - come here" in what seemed to be an urgent tone of voice. My sister went to my neices room and asked her what was going on and my neice said she had never called her. My sister is absolutely positive that in a very clear female voice she heard "mom, hurry up - come here". 

Then yesterday, she was in the kitchen and noticed a white streak of light "fly" by the kitchen door and then heard her bathroom door close shut (the bathroom is in the same direction as the streak went). She thought it might be my son but she discovered him still fast asleep in the living room. There was no one in the bathroom when she opened the door. Later yesterday afternoon, she could clearly hear someone running something over the rails on her stairway to the downstairs of her house. When she went to investigate, the noise suddenly stopped (my son was still napping at the time). 

When I arrived to pick up my son, we were talking in the living room when my son started pointing toward the stairwell saying "light coming, light coming, scared". I walked him over to the stairwell and he was visibly disturbed by going over there and just kept saying "light coming" and pointing down the stairwell.

Is it possible that whatever this phenomenon is can actually follow my son around? How do we stop this. It is starting to frighten my son (and me - mind you).

I did find out a bit of information about the house from a neighbour. The people that lived there before us had a little girl (around 12 or 13 years old) who was very sick with Multiple Sclerosis. She was wheelchair bound and the last anyone heard of her she was very, very sick. Noone seems to know where the family is now so I don't know if the girl has passed away or not.


Royal Alexandra ~  From :  Kelly" <>   Subject :   TWO faces....  
   Date :   Mon, 15 Sep 2003 16:13:07 -0400  
I was surfing your website today in my spare time.  My question regards the pictures of the Royal Alexandra, and the two pictures side by side.  The pic on the left shows the balconies where the string of light goes across, and beneath the second balcony is a light image.  The pic next to this one is a close up of the latter image, but I'm wondering if you see a clear impression of a face directly above the light image?  Is this the suspicious image referred to on the page?  I think it looks very clear of a woman.  What do you think?

On second observation.... I see TWO faces.  The clear image of the woman smiling, and just to the left of her a child
Academy Theatre, Lindsay ~ This email was received by Krystal:

My name is Jennifer xxxx, and I am currently Stage Managing a production of Plaza Suite at the Academy Theatre. We of course upon arriving went for the 50-cent of the theatre and Ray told us the famous story about Ray. He didn't mention anything about you having been to the theatre until after our experiences (we still have another week left, so more could happen). I have actual dates of these incidents as each one has made my show report. Before I describe these incidents I will comment on what I have just read from the interviews and your report. I had the exact same reaction upon going into the boiler room, it wasn't on our 50 cent tour and one of the co-op students had given me directions on how to find it. I was looking for the work sink. Upon entering the room with my paint brushes I got this horrible feeling of not wanting to be there and immediately walked out and went and washed my brushes in the dressing room sink. Since I am up in the booth for the show. Many a time have I thought I caught a reflection of someone behind me, mainly I have put it down to my imagination. I would blame it on the lights but this show is basically light up and lights down with nothing in between. 
Now on to our experiences. On Thurs. July 17, 2003 during our 2pm matinee performance, during the second act (approx. 3:15pm) we had our CD player start playing by itself. Our co-op student witnessed our sound operator leaning on his chair with his arms against the wall. So it wasn't an operator error. 
The following night (Friday July 18) we arrive to the theatre to find that 3/5 fake hors d'ouerves are missing. We can't blame it on a mouse as they aren't edible and Ray said no one had been backstage all day. As well our Sound Op's most prized possession has gone missing, his Zippo. It never leaves his side and we have searched the theatre top to bottom. It will be interesting to see if it shows up later like those missing wallets. 
Second hand experiences: My assistant stage manager while in the room off of stage right has had someone caress her. One of our actors while in the upstairs dressing room areas has felt like something cold was following her whereever she went (interestingly enough this was the night that one my actors before the show sliced his thumb open and I asked Mary to not be mischievous that night and look after my actors). 
If you have any questions for me you can email me at It's great to see that other people believe that spirits and energies do exist. Have you ever gone and investigated the Orillia Opera House? Now there’s' a building I can tell you stories about. Enough for now or I'll write you a novel. 
Sincerely , Jennifer 

"¤Hilåry ¤" <,  ghost road, Thu, 03 Jul 2003 20:31:00 -0400

i dont usually do things like this, but i live in Port Perry and have been to Ghost Road many, many times.  i think that your "conclusion" is a crock of sh*t. to put it bluntly.   you can go on beleiving that you and your group have 'solved the mystery' but you have no idea how many people beleive that its really a ghost.  you cant just go out one night and conduct an 'experiment' and flash a couple of lights around and claim to have figured it all out.  i was there everynight last week, and saw the light multiple times.  thanks for trying to ruin peoples fun in the name of 'science'.
HRG Note: Science has brought you the microwave, the motor vehicle, electricity, I'm sure those things must disappoint you as well. Opinions come in all shapes and sizes but this one was rather amusing.

Pickerel Lake Lodge  <>  Mon, 16 Jun 2003 22:35:04 0400

I think I have the answer to this investigation. I have a cottage down the street from the  Pickerel Lake Lodge and it is located about a 1/4 of a mile down from an old abandoned farm house. In this farm house the father died of a freak accident (so they say) and the family just dissapeared. It is urban legend that he murdered his children after comming home from the war and that his wife murdered him and took off. I'm sure you can get the real story from the Almaguin News, (the local paper of Burk's Falls) What is really creepy is that once the urban legend spread throughout the lake people began to nail children's shoes up on the trees outside of the old abandoned house to freak people out. Now everyone does it. There are 22 shoe trees actually, quite a sight to see! I think if you need to get some answers on a real investigation with equiptment you should head to that house! My whole family has been in it a million times, and we always get a shiver down our backs when we go in. Check it out!

Ghost Road, Thu, 29 May 2003 12:21:43 -0400

I am writing you this in regards to Port Perry and "Ontario's Ghost Road". I have read your information on the studies you have done as well as a few other websites. You stated on your Website that you were looking for experiences unrelated to the light. I have one that just occurred on the 26/27th of May 2003. 
As well as the lights I have heard about the myth of the motorcyclist hitting his head on the rock at the corner of "Ghost Road" and Pine Point. My brother-in-law and sister live in the area and he was the first to ever tell me of "Ghost Road" and the rock. I have driven past many times but always by myself late at night. On the 27th my best friend and I were driving to my sister's just after midnight and decided to be brave, and stop to touch the rock which I was told is always supposed to be warm to the touch. It was cool as we expected but I had my digital cam and we decided to pose sitting on the rock to be smart and show my sister how "brave" we were. It was a cool night so we had on light sweaters but it was clear and there was no wind. I took 2 pictures of Linda on the rock and then it was my turn. When she was done we decided to see how they turned out so we could take more if they were crappy. Well we got to the last one she had taken of me and it was all foggy/smoky. So we got in the car and left.  When we got to my sisters and uploaded the pics and the ones of my friend had turned out great. The first one she took of me was out of focus but clearly shows that it was a clear black night the second one had the fog/smoke. The ones of myself had date/time stamps of "27 12:20am" they had both been taken within a minute. 

After reading this I would love to hear from you.  You can contact me at I can send you the pictures but because they are fairly big in size I didn't want to swamp your email with them. So let me know if you would like to see all 4 or if you would just like to see the 2 of me or the 1 with the fog/smoke. I would love to get your feed back since you know of the area. 
Hope this was of interest! 

Salem Cemetery  March 31 2003

A few weeks back my best friend, her cousin Mike and I were driving around ajax looking for something to do. Mike had this wonderful idea and decided to take us on a road he knew we weren't familiar with. As we were nearing salem road he told us he'd been twice and although he'd never witnessed anything his fiance had spotted three tall dark figures, staring down at her into the car as they passed the cemetery. Mike as well mentioned that both times something had happened to his car, the first a tire blew, the second his car stalled and refused to start. We witnessed nothing on the foggy rainy night around 12: 20 am, until we turned to drive off the road and my friend scared herself into thinking we'd brought something with us. I thought she was being ridiculous, so Mike calmed her down by saying out loud "who ever the hell you are leave us alone and leave my bloody car alone." Seconds later we pulled up to a stop sign and the brakes wouldn't work, right after a loud clanging noise from the engine made us abruptly pull over. We ended up calling a tow truck who told us the drive belt had snapped but was weird because the car was barely a year old. This was most likely just a coincidence, but still made me feel uneasy enough to mention it to you. Hope you continue with your research, take care.

Chantal, Pickering            

The Whitby Courthouse Theatre  Mon, 27 Jan 2003 19:38:10 0500 

My name is xxx and I have been a volenteer at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre for the last three years. I was very interested in your investigation of the theatre. Prior to the stories I heard about the theatre being haunted, I would arrive early before rehearsal or show time and proceed to set up or wait inside for other members to arrive. I would often unlock the backstage area (from stage right) and have to walk through the centre isle in complete darkness in order to reach the lights at the back of the theatre (at the main entrance to the actual theatre). Sometimes I would simply walk across the stage to stage left to turn on the breakers. I would sit for hours alone in that theatre and I must tell you I have never encountered anything. And you mentioned when entering the basement the lights turning off? It happens all the time, after doing a youth show we were asked to bring a bunch of paint cans down to the basement and the lights went off, its very common. With an old building like that the electricity has to have something wrong with it right? It still doesnt stop each and every person in our youth group from scaring the tar out of you with the same story of 'the woman who fell over the balcany during a murder trial', it brings flavour into our rehearsals i'll tell you that. Anyhow, besides weird feelings and being scared out of my mind from the dark, i've never personally encountered anything out of the ordinary but I wouldnt say that i dont believe that place is haunted. I was very pleased to see somebody has offered something about the courthouse on the web and I would be interested in hearing from you.

Fort Erie"Mvega" <> Mon, 13 Jan 2003 12:56:22 0500

I was 13 years old at the time and I remember it was an aniversary or a holiday because when we went to Fort Erie, they were reenacting the battles. It was a big show, that lasted all day long. My family and I had gone with  my cousins as well, to see this show and spend the day there. So, it's me, my father and mother and my two brothers. My cousins were 5 as well. Anyways, on with the story....I remember it being a good sunny bright day out. It was perfect for a family outing.We left early morning around 8 am or so. We went to our cousin's house in brampton then we all left from there to Fort Erie. We got there and I remember hearing the cannons and cavalry. The show was done very well, I enjoyed it immensly. We watched for most of the morning. At around 11:30 we descided it was time for lunch. On the way to the food we walked by a series of buildings. I remember feeling something odd, but I couldn't put my finger on it. This feeling continued until we came upon what seemed to be a medical building. It had the red cross outside it on a hanging sign, and I think it said infermery on it....I am now 35, little details like that I remember veigly. But the encounter, I remember as if it were yesturday! My family went in, and I remember I also went in but imediately turned right and up the lean staircase. It was at this point that my consciousness became altered somewhat. I don't know why I went up, I don't recall making the decision to. I just went up. I also do not recall their being any effort. It is as if I were weightless. I sort of glided up. There were three beds in this room. After what seemed like a second or so, a scene superimposed itself ontop of the view I was witnessing. It was as if I was standing behind a glass pane looking at the room, and a movie was played on the glass. My eyes were drawn to the center bed. On this bed lay a soldier, his lower jaw was missing and his torso was bandaged up as well. He appeared to have abdominal injuries as well. He looked at me and imediately I was filled with sadness and grief. But there was also an underlying current of panic. There were doctors and nurses busteling about. I looked into his eyes and I witnessed what happened to him. I was no longer aware that I had a body. His face had been hit by a cannon projectile. For a brief instant I seen the action thru his eyes. I was not frightened but was flooded with a sense of loss. All of a sudden I must have snaped out of the trance and realized what I had experienced. I ran down the small stairs and out of the building. Actually I think I jumped from the top step to the bottom! When I came out my family was outside and my father said that they had been looking for me. My dad said,"what's the matter? You look strange ".I was hiperventilating and had trouble speaking. I kept it to myself as I could not describe it. The rest of our time there was uneventful. I could not shake the feeling of depression. I could not enjoy the rest of the day. We went back to Mississauga that evening. We lived in an apartment on Argile road.I was in my room trying to get to sleep but I couldn't. I was emotionally exausted. I shared the room with my brother and we were sleeping on mattresses as my parents were getting us new beds the next day. Anyways, my feet were facing the door so that I was directly in line with my bedroom door and I could see the hallway that led to the entrance. I didn't think any of this as I welcomed the light from the kitchen, needless to say, I was quite spooked from the earlier events of the day. I welcomed the night light. As I began to drift to sleep I heard of what sounded like a basket ball bouncing outside the front door. I thought it a bit peculiar at the time that someone would be bouncing a ball at such a late hour. I heard it for what seemed like 5 minutes. It came in intervals. Sometimes it would bounce for 10 seconds then stop for a while then start up again. Then it stopped for 10 minutes or so and I thought that was it. The next time I heard it it was the same bouncing sound, but it was in the apartment at the entrance! At this point I froze with terror and waited. The ball bounced there and then bounced over to the end of the hall directly inline with me! I could not scream. The ball then proceeded to bounce towards me. It came down the hall and into my room. It stopped there at my feet for a few seconds then it made itsway up my body with 3 bounces. One on my upper legs, another on my stomach, another on my chest.... and finally it went right thru my skull! As it did, I heard a loud scream filled with fear and dispair. I got up and ran to my parents room babbeling. I slept that night in my other brother's room. I told my dad this story and he dismissed it as a bad dream. What, was I dreaming all day? I doubt this. I know what I felt and saw. I will never forget it. I swear that this is a true account of what I experienced that day.
I have some other encounters, but none as vivid as this. I will probably post these later. P.S. My grandmother was a practising medium at one time, and she had told me that I was gifted. I did not believe her. I don't know if such things are true, but I have an open mind. The fact that I have had other sightings seems to me that I may be sensitive.

Ghost RoadPatrick"  Ghost Light in Port Perry Wed, 8 Jan 2003 13:42:59 0500

Good afternoon I was reading your finding on the Scugog Island "Ghost Road" and wanted to add something.  My wife and I have been there quite frequently and have always seen the light.  On one particular occasion We went at approximately 5 pm on a July evening.  I had my video camera and I wanted to get some background footage of the area before it was dark.  The sun was still high in the sky.  We parked the car at the usual spot where we have always seen the lights.  I aimed my camera towards the end of the road and low and behold, there was the light.  I had the camera zoomed right in on it. If this light were caused by refraction and reflection I highly doubt that it would be visible during the day.  I still have the tape with the light during the day as well as later that night.  I also have footage of the light during a rain storm, cloud cover and clear skies.  Thought you might be interested.

Ghost Road"lynda" spook light port perry Sat, 21 Dec 2002 20:37:09 0500

I just wrote to tell you that you have a very strong case and observations.  Although there have also been sightingf of the lights when there where no cars hedding in the north dirrection.  There heve been different investigators and different showos and reshearchers.  But i as one think that the spook light is  real.  Because if you stand on the rock wher the riders head hit late a night, it feels hot and tingly.  So I and many others do think that the spook light is in fact real.

Guild InnFrom: "Bill" Quick question - Guild Inn Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:30:29 0500

Great site by the way, thoroughly entertaining and interesting. I've written to your organization before and thank you for the response (it was regarding my house and others in the Yonge & Sheppard area). Anyway, I was reading your article on the Guild Inn. I lived in the Guild area (Livingston Rd) for about 5 years when I was in my teens. We (teenagers) all new that place like the back of our hands - especially the grounds, many late nights spent there. I also had friends that worked there. I also spent countless hours climbing the Bluffs right behind and 
adjacent(as well as a lot of partying! - haha). I would like to say, that when ever we hung out there, we always felt a strange presence! very strange and mystical. We called it "No Quarter Land". If you ever had experienced the approach from the back end onto the grounds it was magical and eerie! The lighting and the monuments were something else(bank building fronts, stone theaters). Many of us saw things, but attributed to the ahhh.......ummmm, how shall I say it? festivities. But I thought there was something going on there. Sometimes it sent chills. You had mentioned a tunnel running out to the base of the lake. I have never seen a tunnel at the base, although if I new about this I probably would have found it - I was a fairly inquzitive kid.  However there was an incredible amount of concrete broken structures at the bottom, we used to climb on these or had too to get to the what 
we called "The Beach". They were old structures! We never could figure out why they were there? I assumed that these were dumped over the sided for use as land fill, but that never made sense because at that time they were doing nothing at the bottom shoreline. One particular year they started the road which leads from the Top and runs down. The idea was to have the road connect with the Scarborough bluffs then off to the beaches. I don't think they got the project off the ground and I believe the road stopped - long story. 
I also use to live on Guild wood parkway later on in my twenty's and the back yard was right on the cliff - that's how I new about the road etc.. Now I don't know if you realize this or if anyone's interested, but there are many ways into the Guild Inn grounds - completely legal, I assure you. If interested I can certainly pass them on. How to make a long story short eh.. My question(s) is: *Where were the start of tunnels located in the building? I thought I new that place pretty well. *What about the creepy little cottage/house at the back of the grounds? *I don't recall the Cory Cliff house, there was however many smaller buildings, perhaps this was the one located near the pottery studio? Also, I was in contact with Mike Filey (Toronto Sun), regarding some information I had on a building I had worked in at Eglington & Laird.It's quite a story and Mike really liked it, to the point where he passed it on to the MP for that area to see if we could get more information. If you like I can send you the e mail I wrote him. I'd bet a million that there has to be paranormal activity there! And one more thing (if you don't mind) Does the HRG or TGHRS have anything on "Camp X" located out, I think 
in Pickering area. It was a Secret Military training camp for spies during WWII. Recently uncovered. Many thanks, looking forward to hearing from you folks.


Ghost RoadFrom: melinda xxxx <> Wed, 30 Oct 2002 20:00:34 -0500 (EST)

Hi my name is Melinda, I went to ghost road in port perry on October 27 and also on the 28th. My freind and i tock a video camera and a digital camera. The frist night we used the video camera we were only their for about 2min, when we turned on to the road and a light came out of no were, but when we got home we sad it could of just been an other car. So we went the next night we ended up not seeing any thing but we tock 30 some thing pics of just the road and are friends and the trees with the digital camera when i got home i put the pics on my computer and a lot of them pics came out with lights things that i could not posible explain like ghost figuers standing be side my friends. We are going to go back again and tack more pics to see what comes out again but before we do we would like if you could tack a look at are pics to see what you think of them and if you think they are some thing or nothing.If you get back to me i will email you some of them. We hope you get back to us, it will mean a lot to us.
P.S. Thanks 
FROM: Melinda and Shawn


Ghost RoadFrom: "Tiffani xxx" <>  Subject: Ghost Road Sat, 26 Oct 2002 21:53:15 -0400

Hey mi name is tiffani xxxx and i go to ghost road all the time and strange things have happened to me about 3 weeks ago my friends and i were at ghost road we were all lokking out the back window when we seen the ghost coming closer than it usually does at least on that nite. well... when were watching the ghost come closer mi friend steves cell phone rang. usually he has no signal on the road. but tonite he turned off he fone soo he didint waste his battery. soo when it rang we all screamed.. his phone said annonimous on it soo he answered it, when he answered it he said hello but no one answered than he heard heavy breathing on the phone . this lasted for about 5 seconds than his phone died . though this all his phone was turned off. since than he has always kept his phone on when we go to ghost road . other stuff has happened to us also. we have seen shadows surround us and glowing eyes in the bushes. well thats about all thanks for listening to mi storie. 


Ghost Date: Tue 17 Sept 2002 13:39 EDT Subject: Ghost Road

Hello, my name is Doug. I've been to ghost road on two occasions. The first time, October 2000 I saw something run past the front of my car from west to east. This form walked upright and moved extremely fast. No man could move so fast coming out of the trees on the west side. On the same night after the ghost light faded a small light was seen travelling north on the west side of the road. This light was tiny
and seemed to be in the bush about 10-12 ft. off the side of the road. There was no indication of it dissapearing behind trees. It glowed continuously and appeared to be moving slow but travelled from the south end of the road to where I was in a few seconds and then it was gone. My line of sight was downward, which really kills the headlight theory. I was about a third of the way down from the north  just south of a clearing on the east side. This secondary light was seen after every sighting of the main light, about six times. My son also witnessed it. I returned last night to the same spot but only saw the main light. Maybe because the moon was out. I left due to a rustling sound in the woods on the west side close to my car and my wife was nervous. I have read nothing anywhere about the secondary light. Have you? If you have questions feel free to contact me.   Doug 


Salem CemeteryFrom: Nick xxxxx Subject: Salem Cemetery Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002

after reading your site me and four friends decided to postpone our trip to ghost road and visit Salem cemetery since it was closer. we had a bit of trouble finding it because we missed Salem due to the street sign being covered a tree. when we got there we parked outside the far gates. we walked down looking for the building. once we found it we walked around the side with the gate at which point my friends started to get a feeling of someone watching but since most of them weren't to experienced with ghost presences they kind of got a little scared I told them to calm down and we proceeded around the bushes to the back of the building. as I walked behind the building we made our way back to the road for some reason. I then walked around to the other side of the building and was attracted to an area maybe 15 feet from the  building. i felt a presence of a Caucasian male maybe in about his 30's or 40's. the weird part was there was no grave directly in front behind or to the side of me. i stood there for a good while at which point my friends came and joined me. after i told everyone to be quiet we heard a quick whisper which we agreed sounded like a males voice. we also heard a tapping from the building which turned out to be water falling from the roof. this was my first actual investigation of a place and i hope to go back soon with a tape recorder and setup my digital camera to tape the side of the building. we also forgot a camera which would have proved handy. I suggest investigating Salem cemetery to everyone just bring a hat or wear a shirt with a hood because of the bats flying around.

Ghost RoadFrom: Annette  Subject: Ghost Road  Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:20

wow... It is pretty neat.. Me and allot of friends went up saw the light at the end of the road along with a red light glow in the bush. I question the banging noise and what sounded like allot of dogs fighting, sounded a little odd to me. But to say it was a weird experience for all but fun... I do not understand why? the light comes to the edge of the road for the last 50 years or so...there has to be something behind it ...that is unreal how it can take place every night and talk about a cold breeze...

Salem cemetery:    From:  Lloyd  Wed, 19 Jun 2002 13:04:35 -0400

Hi,did   some history at the library and found out some   facts The area was  first called The Village of Duffins Creek,down Salem rd there was a saw mill and a grist mill, the grist mill burned down and there were deaths there,might explain strange going ons at the salem lot site also in the field to   the west of the church a body of a  man was found[1876] Janes family the jones and the pugh family along with the snell family all who are buried in the cemetary ,helped with the founding of both church and village . Most where all Quakers. The jones family where cursed all children died before their 3rd birthdays no story as to why as yet.I have old maps and grave site plot form as too who is buried there. Im also setting an appointment with the pickering musem to see if they have more info.PS Mt Zion school was made after the college was destroyed by fire also.I have the map that shows where the old college was

Spook Lights:  From:, Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 23:32:40 EST. Subject: ghost/spook lights 
The story of the lights on ghost road reminds me of a story my grandfather has recalled over my past 25 yrs of fishing and sitting up late talking with him. We live in south east Texas, San Antonio is home for myself and grampa lives in a small rural town 25-30 miles south east of us. He grew up in a very small town in northeast Texas, Bremond, in the late 20's and early 30's. His story goes that there is a vast amount of iron ore in the fields around the old homestead. On nights when lightening storms would roll through the migrant farm workers (mainly black and Hispanic origin) and locals wouldn't come out of their homes in fear of "the storm/lightening spooks".  What was in fact happening was lightening would be directed towards the iron ore and strike it, causing a great "ball of fire" effect, making little glowing balls or iron ore, or "spooks" dance hauntingly around the "fire ball". I always thought Grampa was crazy until I personally witnessed the phenomenon one night. Remembering his account of the story, it was quite obvious how it could be misconceived. I can freely admit that goosebumps rose on my arms and legs and the hair on my neck stood at attention. I was very nervous about the whole incident until the next morning when I found the little balls of iron cooled off, making  perfect 
ammunition for weapon of choice at the time; a five yr. olds slingshot. thought you might get a laugh from this story. 

Shane xxxxxx, San Antonio, Texas 

Salem Cemetery:   Melanie ( , Sat, 23 Feb 2002 15:48:55 -0500

After exploring your site, three of us decided to drive an hour and visit the Salem Cemetery you mentioned. My boyfriend and I believe in ghosts completely and our friend is somewhat of a skeptic. We got there around midnight and had some trouble finding it at first. When we finally got there, I had a very uneasy feeling about the whole place. I was sitting with the window down in the car debating whether or not to go look around. Suddenly I felt as if someone was reaching for me from next to the vehicle. As if 2 arms we're reaching to touch me. The presence felt female in nature, and not a very nice person. It just be that "I've seen to many movies" but I don't think so. My boyfriend also said later (after we left) that he had an overwhelming sense of sadness and malevolence flow through him like nothing before. My boyfriend isn't easily scared so to hear this coming from him just reinforced what I had felt. Our friend said he felt nothing really and thought that we we're making all this up to scare him. Him being the skeptic he it almost doesn't surprise me that he didn't feel a thing. He wants all out proof of like after death... visual proof. We also took pictures that night and only one can out. Unfortunately my boyfriend took it through the drivers side window and we have a bit of a glare of the inside of the car. The only odd thing about the picture is that their were 5-6 "orbs" floating around perfectly the same size. Now I ask you this, am I crazy??
Director's note: Well Melanie, I have had a run-in with a female spirit there. She's not a happy camper, but I have not known her to be malicious either.

Ghost Road:  "ken morrison" <>   Subject: ghost road?    Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 

Ghost road is an urban legend and nothing more. I do believe in strange things and have for 6 years had a ghost live with me.Many of my friends have experienced it( although it no longer resides with me) he became too much and I basically told him to go to where he belonged.Anywho...ghost road as I said has to be a total myth.I lived in Windsor Ontario and they had a ghost road too with the exact same story.Coincidence? I think not...Just stories to tell when camping and drinking.


Mount Zion:, Thu, 14 Feb 2002

   My name is xxxxxxx and I used to visit Mt. Zion Community Centre quite often.  When I was younger (I am now 16) we used to have Cub Scout sleepovers in the old schoolhouse.  I definitely agree with you that the area surrounding the building is eerie.  I remember none of us would go outside alone, and only maybe would we go if there were 2 or 3 of us. Something about the area made us all very quiet and uneasy.  The back of the schoolhouse is particularly creepy, the small wood shed is definitely a strange place.  I remember trapping one of our friends inside, what we thought was a joke was a horrible experience for the boy who found himself inside the shed.  We also used to go into the large shed; there is nothing in there except some ladders and other equipment.  The scariest part of Mt. Zion is probably past the gate into the forest.  We used to play man hunt in those woods during the daytime, but for some reason many of us were always getting lost. No matter how much we played in those woods we never seemed to know our way around them. The bog, we thought it might be fun for a brave soul to enter the bog to test it.  Not a good idea, I remember my friend taking a few steps into the bog before quickly sinking down up to his thighs.  He ended up in past his waist, he was screaming in horror. I seem to have many negative memories of this place. It seemed that every time we attempted to do something that typical young boys would do to have fun (ie: go exploring, wade in a bog, etc.) it turned out much worse than we expected. Like I said, go exploring, also not a good idea.  I remember me and a younger boy were a team in manhunt (we never played in singles, for some odd reason we just would NOT play singles) and after about 30 mins of playing we were lost. We found ourselves in a field at the corner of the forest.  We didn't recognize anything.  The younger boy almost in tears. I was very scared myself, I remember that quite well.  It took a lot of walking and some instinct but we eventually found our way back.  Anyway, I  think you were right about not splitting up, that was a good idea. 

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