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Date  May 18, 2001

Investigators   Dee Freedman
Anita Perron

WeatherWarm, Partly cloudy

Equipment     Digital camera

Note:  Because we do not wish to have this cemetery disturbed with people looking for ghosts, we will not be revealing the location of this particular cemetery. It is in a residential neighbourhood and the residents would not appreciate the attention, therefore please do not write to us asking where it is.


This cemetery was brought to our attention by a local who used to cut the grass there. He claimed that one corner of the cemetery always made him uncomfortable and was always wet, in spite of the fact that the land was 3 feet above the water line of the lake. He also made a point of saying there were never mosquitoes in that particular corner.

Preliminary Observation:

We stopped at the cemetery to find out the lay of the land, so to speak, and to figure out what equipment we would need. During the first 15 minutes we simply walked around reading the grave stones and admiring the area. 

Upon reaching a specific tree in the cemetery, we were literally blasted with a presence saying "I'm right here". Both of us felt a woman standing near us trying to gain our attention.

The odd thing about this cemetery is that upon entering it, we were inundated with mosquitoes. They were everywhere, however when we stood on the north side of the tree, (in the shade at that) where we encountered this presence, there were NO mosquitoes.

This is the tree that never has any mosquitos under it. We feel that the woman we sensed sits under this tree and looks out onto the lake.
As you can see the view is beautiful.
Cemetery II, Ontario
Founded in 1999