First Annual Paranormal Summit
Hamilton, Ontario
May 31, 2003
Customs House, Stuart Street, Hamilton
Customs House, Hamilton
Founded in 1999

By Anita Perron

HRG attended the First Annual Paranormal Summit held at the Customs House on Stuart Street in Hamilton. The Summit was a terrific success and we had a blast! We met new friends and visited old friends. Even though the weather didn't particularly co-operate, it certainly did not deter the many who came to participate. 

Of course I had to check out the women's washroom because of the reports it was haunted. I took my camera downstairs with me to get a few shots. I figured I might as well make the trip worth the walk and continued on to do my business before I left. The only other woman in the washroom left before I entered the stall leaving me by myself. There were three stalls in all, the middle one being out of order and locked. While I was in my stall, I distinctly heard the end stall door close and lock. I hadn't heard anyone come in the washroom

Once I was out of the stall, which was a matter of seconds, I checked the other stalls, however the out of order stall was still locked and the door on the remaining stall was still wide open.

Steve helped out at the booth in between speaker seminars, all of which he signed up for. We are still seeking revenge however because he wouldn't go to Timmy's to get us coffee just in case he lost his parking spot. After being up for over 30 hours by this time, we were in dire need of coffee. Stevie, we will get you back you can count on it.

We got the chance to meet some of the members of Haunted Hamilton such as Michele, Kate and Marcy as well as visit with some friends we hadn't seen for quite awhile such as Patrick Cross, Garth, our old friend Penster and others. It is unfortunate that a medical emergency prevented Terry Boyle from attending, so we didn't get to play catch up with him.

We had such a good time that 12 hours slid by before we knew it. I had to spend money while in the Exhibitor's Hall, of course and there were great tables to spend it at. Thank goodness there wasn't a bank machine in the building.

We also made a little discovery, thanks to Steph and Dan. When Dee and I left on Saturday evening, we asked for their recommendation for a place to grab dinner before the long drive home. Steph suggested a place called Louie's just across the bridge in Burlington and about 5 minutes from the Custom's House. It was easy to find, the food was fantastic and they serve the best coffee around. We are going to make it a point to visit Louie's again when we are in the area.

We enjoyed Hamilton's hospitality so much we are already planning a trip back to see Dundurn Castle, Hamilton Cemetery, do the ghost walks, see the Hermitage etc. I am thinking that there will be two trips in the near future because one trip isn't going to give us time to see everything we want to see.

Our thanks to Haunted Hamilton for a damn good weekend.

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