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Director's Note:

This particular "investigation" was unplanned and supposed to be an all girl's weekend away from the kids and husbands. We ended up with unexpected company in our room, however and ended up going over the entire lodge looking for more. Because we didn't expect to be doing this, there was no equipment and we went entirely on what I felt and what the rest of us heard.

I asked my friend Rose how she remembered the weekend and below is her story in her own words. Thanks Rose.

By Rose Arnold

I certainly do remember that October weekend with the four of us. It was really something. I remember that we had the whole wing of the hotel to ourselves and we planned to get into our PJ's and have a relaxed evening together. Jane and I were in one room and you and Beth were next door. While Jane was changing into her PJ's in the washroom, I was sitting on the bed with the door closed when I heard some people walking down the hall and talking to themselves. I figured it was the manager showing more people to their rooms down the hall. When Jane came out of the bathroom I said "I guess our PJ party is off, I just heard more people walking down the hallway and we won't be able to whoop it up tonight." We were very disappointed and then you and Beth knocked and came in with your drinks to join us. I explained about our predicament and we let it go at that. We had a good time and we all went to bed later on.

In the morning we met for breakfast and you related a story of what went on in your room during the night. Your bathroom door kept opening and shutting and when that woke you, you saw a ghost in old time apparel (uniform) and you said an Indian prayer and asked him to go away, which he did. I don't remember if you said Beth slept through it or not. In the  morning Beth opened up your bedroom door and peeked out and she saw someone walk into the hall door opposite your room. Later when checked, there was no door opposite yours and it really scared all of us.

After breakfast we mentioned this incident to the manager and she said others had mentioned incidents with a ghost in the  past, so we all went with the manager and her staff outside to check the cottage that the staff stayed in. They had heard things too. While we were walking up the hill to the staff cottage I felt a cold chill go through me and you said that we were being followed. I felt that the ghost had passed through me. It was real scary. When we got to the staff cottage you mentioned that something had run up the stairs ahead of you as it was frightened by our presence. You said it was a small boy.

All of us decided that we would leave well enough alone and return to the main lodge. I thought it was a wonderful weekend and I certainly would go again sometime, but of  course Beth didn't want anything to do with that place again!

Director's addendum:

Let me add a few things here. When we followed the manager for the tour of the grounds, we all went along except Beth. She was terrified and stayed in the dining room drinking coffee with the inn's chef.

During the night the bathroom door  opening and closing did indeed wake me, as the light that was left on in the bathroom kept flooding the room every time the door was opened. I had been sleeping facing the wall and getting annoyed wondering what the heck Beth was doing. I turned over to discover that she was fast asleep in the bed next to mine. Immediately after my discovery I sensed a presence in the room and began to get an image of a man in a military uniform (looked like WWI) and he related that he had been killed in a farm accident after he came home from the war. (Can you imagine going through a war then coming home to die in a freak accident?) When I related what happened to one of the employees, he said that there was a story of a farm accident back in the teens or early 20's and that the story fit what I saw, although he said he didn't believe in ghosts.

We later found out from the manager that no one else checked into the lodge during our entire stay and we did indeed have the wing to ourselves. She had no idea who the people were that Rose heard talking.

Have you ever had an experience at this location? Write and tell us. We may post it on our Reader's Views page.

DateOctober 18-20, 1991

In Attendance

Dee Freedman, Jane Johnston
Rose Arnold, Beth Childs

WeatherCool, Clear, Dry

Moon Phase
  18th               19th             20th
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