There are many stories with respect to Ghost Road, the most popular being that of a motorcyclist hitting a rock on the northeast corner at the south end of the road, which resulted in his death. There are a few variations on this particular theme however the basics remain the same. The name of the young man also varies, however, regardless of whatever name he may be called, there was never a motorcycle accident to begin with. There is no accident report, no newspaper articles, no police report, no hospital report and no fatalities on record to support the story. It never happened.

There are those who will tell you that they know the man whose cousin was the father of the young man, or they'll tell you that old Walt knew the guy back in the 50's or 60's and worked with him, or the latest I've heard; that the father of the young man still runs a business in Port Perry. 

If you wish to trace the story yourself you will find that every single story line, no matter what the variation, fizzles out and that there are no first hand witness accounts or records to support it. People do tend to get upset with us upon reading the background information, however, no matter how much some disapprove of the truth, it still remains the truth.

Please note that we are not saying that there are no unexplainable phenomena on Ghost Road, it just doesn't include the "ghostlight". We have run into other things on the road that have given us food for thought. Read the reports below and draw your own conclusions.

Date:June 7, 2001

Weather:Clear, warm, dry

Investigators:  Dee Freedman
Anita Perron
Janet Forrester

Moon Phase:
We arrived as a group at the 'Ghost Road' at approximately 7:30 pm. The town of Port Perry and surrounding regions was completely without power. Members of H.R.G. stationed themselves with a telescope at the 1/2 km mark. Four of us remained at the intersection at Pine Point, while two others (Krystal and Steve) made the trek to a point approximately 2 km south of this intersection. 

At the 1/2 km mark, observations of the 'spooklight' were easily made with the use of a telescope. These were viewed as "large fireballs".

Those (Krystal and Steve) 2 km south excitedly reported that they could see the 'ghostlight' from a hill surrounded by field and woods. There is a line of hydro poles running north/south. The lake further to the south was easily visible at this location. The 'light' was observed singularly. This was the first time an observation of the 'light' phenomena was observed by our group at a location other than 'Ghost Road'.

We gathered as a group at the 1/2 km mark and a hypothesis, to be tested, was quickly formulated based on the following:

- eyewitness testimony and photos taken that the 'spooklight' origin is south of the lake and Scugog Island;

- the 'spooklight' origin viewed as one single light from this new location would be at a much greater distance than we anticipated or tested through our previous car headlight experiments.

Hypothesis:  Cars placed on the West Quarter Line at a greater distance than previous experiments, facing both north and south with both highbeams and lowbeams switched on, will in fact be seen as one singular light from Mississauga Trail and the newly found observation spot.

Experiment:  Group A (Sue, Lisa, Anita & Dee) will observe any and all light activity that occurs from 'Ghost Road', noting the time and duration of each. Group B (Steve, Krys, Jay & Julie) will be on the West Quarter Line shining  both high and low beams, and taillights towards the direction of Group A. Group B will also record the time and direction of any other traffic on the West Quarter Line.

Conclusions:  Group A consistently saw displays of the 'spooklight' (reported over 20 times) while Group B was stationed on the West Quarter Line at a distance of 3.6 km further south than previous experiments were conducted to test the car headlight hypothesis.

Group B deliberately flashed both high and low beams  northward at the direct prompting of Group A. The true location of origin at a greater distance than previously tested is consistent with the observations of the 'spooklight' as one single light as opposed to two from both 'Ghost Road' and the newly found observation spot. It also correlates with the mathematical formula mentioned during Para-Researchers of Ontario's visit #12. All vehicle lights at this distance will be viewed as singular both with the naked eye and optical devices from 'Ghost Road' viewing spots, at this distance.

The actual location of origin further explains why the counting of cars on the West Quarter Line proved inconsistent during our previous attempts (they must be positioned at this location) to create the effect seen on 'Ghost Road'.

We have now established the actual origin/causation of the consistent 'spooklight' observed on 'Ghost Road'. Vehicle lights are easily visible over this distance due to refraction and further reflection from the line of hydro poles running north/south and in alignment with the West Quarter Line location. Our observations, verifiable experiments, and simultaneous videotaped footage, while remaining in direct communication, bare this out.

By Sue Darroch, Pararesearchers

June 7, 2001 Report

July 24, 2001 Report

June 13, 2002 Report

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On this particular night, we arrived very late, approximately 12:30 am. We waited for quite awhile without seeing the ghost light itself (read later reports to find out what the 'ghost light' really is). However, while we were waiting, Janet decided to go for a bit of a walk along the ditch on the east side of the road. Being a smoker, Janet had lit a cigarette and stood in the ditch looking into the darkness of the woods.

As she took a drag off her cigarette, the end of it turning a bright red, she continued to look into the woods. Much to her surprise, she spotted a small bright red dot in the woods directly in front of her. Being very dark that night and finding nothing to reflect the cigarette light back to her, she pondered what it could be that she saw. Again, she took a drag of her cigarette and watched the end light up bright red and again a few seconds later, what appeared to be the end of a cigarette in the woods glowed back at her. What was causing this?

Janet called me over to watch as she took a drag off her cigarette yet again. Sure enough, a second later it seemed as though something in the woods, took a drag of its cigarette right directly in her line of sight approximately 10 feet away. We looked at each other, then she Janet tried it again. Nothing happened. We were each puzzled, then Janet said "lets try it once more".  This time, voila, whatever was in the woods, once again copied her actions. This time it appeared to be only about 4 feet away, just on the other side of the fence. By this time Janet had pretty well wasted her cigarette and there was nothing left of it to continue.

We debated back and forth what could be the cause of this strangeness. Neither of us felt uncomfortable or frightened in any way. It almost seemed like whatever was mimicking Janet was having a good chuckle at our expense and was totally harmless. Janet suddenly got the notion that if it mimicked her, it would probably mimic me. She lit up another cigarette and passed it to me. Now you must understand that I stand 5 feet 1/2 inch tall, whereas Janet is approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Keep in mind also that our friend was copying Janet's movements with the cigarette at her eye level. I took the cigarette from Janet and took a drag, making the end light up. Nothing happened. We looked at each other and I tried it again. Nothing. Well, maybe the third time would be a charm. Once more I took a drag off the cigarette and waited about 2 seconds. There it was, mimicking me with it's own little red glow.  What was interesting is that whatever was in the woods adjusted itself to make the copied ember appear at my eye level this time. We tried this, successfully a few more times, recorded our observations and then set out for home without any further incident.
Date:July 24, 2001

Investigators   Dee Freedman, Anita Perron, Steve Dietrich,
Sue Darroch, Krystal Perron, Lisa Reid 

Guests: Julie, Jay

Weather:Clear, Mild, Dry

Moon Phase:

Equipment:Binoculars, Telescope, Spotting Scope, 4~Camcorders,
  4~35 mm Cameras, Digital Camera, EMF Detector, 
  Flashlights, Walkie-talkies, Cell Phones, Compass

The 'ghost light' can be seen within the red box. This photo was taken by Steve close to the south shore of the island and about 2 km south of Ghost Road.
North end of Ghost Road looking south
Following the hydro lines south through the cornfield
Director's Note:

As explained above, this experiment and conclusion, explains only the 'ghostlight/spooklight' on Ghost Road. We have ourselves experienced and observed, as have others, varied phenomena on the road itself (which includes different lights). Although we at H.R.G. believe this road to be a paranormally active area, we also believe that the car headlights, that for years have been labelled 'spooklights', have automatically been connected to actual possible paranormal events, when in fact the 'spooklight' has no baring on paranormal phenomena in this area, whatsoever.

An afterthought by member Steve Dietrich:

"You missed the part about Krystal and me barely escaping the carnivorous skunk that attacked us on the way back !!! We didn't want to go into details but we almost didn't make it out!!!  People should be aware of the dangers that we researchers must endure to get this information to them."

Date:       June 13, 2002
Investigators:   Steve Dietrich, Krystal Perron, 
Anita Perron, Dee Freedman
Equipment:      Nikon 995 Digital Camera, 
35mm Canon Rebel G2000, 
Million Candle Power light,
flashlights,  tape recorder
Weather:         Cloudy to clear, damp, mild

Moon Phase:
Ghost Road, June 7 2001
Ghost Road, July 24 2001
Ghost Road, June 13 2002
After spending the afternoon visiting the Scugog Historical Museum, we returned to Scogog Island at 10:00 p.m. that evening to settle in to observe and listen for any unusual occurrences on the Ghost Road. Now that the mystery of the Ghost Light was solved and behind us, we were able to concentrate on other paranormal occurrences on the road that we had both received as reports and had previously witnessed ourselves.

The night started out cloudy and damp, but soon cleared up to allow us a view of the stars above and provide a stillness wherein nothing at all moved. We stood on the road quietly just south of the ley line that runs across the road itself, for over an hour. Absolutely nothing occurred to speak off until we saw 3 sets of golden glowing eyes off in the field on the west side of the road. Anita and Krystal proceeded bravely into the field to investigate. Although this sounds a valiant act on their part, prior to their going in, we all knew we were looking at a family of raccoons. So the two of them proceeded to past the time away for a while watching the raccoons and following them around the field for a bit. While they were engaged is this dangerous bit of drudgery, Steve and I remained out on the road watching them and discussing the summer at large and how quiet this particular evening turned out to be. 

With no warning, at approximately 11:00 p.m., Steve and I heard an extremely loud rustle of wind running through the trees several hundred feet to the north and turned on the flashlights expecting to see the sudden wind bending the trees, however not a leaf stirred as we watched and listened to the harsh sound of that wind. Upon looking at each other we both came up with the same thought and voiced it, "Are we being called up to the north end of the road?"   Although we were standing around at the ley line waiting for something to happen, it occurred to both of us that almost everything weird that has happened on that road (that did not relate to the 'ghost light')  happened up at the north end. We called the girls from the field and immediately proceeded further up the road, to investigate the suggestion of wind that we had just heard.

We re-parked the vehicles and gathered in the new spot, Steve non-challantly asked out loud "So why did you call us up here?"  It took approximately 5 seconds for the sound of wind through the trees to occur again.  Once more we shone bright flashlights at the top, bottom and middle of the trees in the direction of the sound and not a leaf was stirring. 

The third time, Steve asked, "I'd like to hear it again", wherein the wind sound quickly accommodated us, but again not a stirring of a leaf. We all looked at each other and decided we had to ask for confirmation again to see if the rush of wind sound would reproduce itself once more. It was now 11:13 p.m. and Steve tried once again; " I want to hear it on the other side of the road this time." It took only a few seconds and we heard it on the opposite side of the road and again not a thing moved; there was no wind, nothing stirred visually.

We continued asking these phenomena to reoccur several times over the next hour and each time we were accommodated by the rushing wind sound with absolutely no visual movement. We also realized that the sound of wind did not diminish gradually, but always stopped suddenly. It also alternated from one side of the road to the other as asked.

We will be going back again to take temperature readings, as well, the next time as there were several sudden drastic drops in temperature as we stood there experimenting with the sound of the phantom wind.

Ghost Road, Port Perry, Ontario
The Experiment

                                                                     Recreate the Ghost Light for Yourself
The Experiment

We have received numerous emails about the Ghost Light on Ghost Road in Port Perry. In order to address the many emails, we went back to Ghost Road and reconstructed the original experiment from 2001. For those of you willing to carry out the experiment we have set out the particulars involved below.

Required Equipment:

2 cell phones
2 vehicles
2 stopwatches
2 people or 2 teams


  • Have one member of each team synchronize their watches as accurately as possible. Two stopwatches are ideal for this experiment.

  • One team (Team A) must be situated on Ghost Road, approximately ¾ of the way up the road (north end) just beyond the field on the east side, where the forest starts again.

  • The other team (Team B) will have to be sitting facing north on the Cartwright West Quarter Line 3.8 km south of Hwy 7A (this distance is imperative to the success of the experiment). You can use both your high beam and/or low beam lights of your vehicle.

  • Team B will make contact by way of cell phone to Team A. Once contact has been established, you can determine when both teams are ready. There is no need for further contact until the experiment is finished. 

  • Team B will turn the lights of the vehicle on and off without telling Team A when this is done. Record the actual time each time the headlights have been turned on and again when they have been turned off. Team A will do the same at their end.

  • Repeat the process at least 2 dozen times.

  • Re-establish contact with each other via cell phone and meet to compare your observations.

Depending on the weather and the amount of moisture in the air, results will vary as to intensity, however the actual sighting of the light should be consistant.


Come to your own.

Good luck.

Please note that although the ghost light itself can be explained and recreated by anyone, we do reiterate that there are other phenomena on the Ghost Road which have no connection to the ghost light itself. 

If you have had an experience on ghost road, please contact us at:

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