You send the questions in and we'll do our best to answer them.
Have you ever run into anything evil?

Yes, a few times. It is not an experience you would want to encounter. However those times are certainly rare.

Do you use a ouiga board and do they really work?

We have a big problem with ouiga boards. We have been known to use one only in dire circumstances, for example; when the problem has originated there. They are a gateway for ANYTHING to come through and 80% of the time people use them as a form of entertainment. Big mistake. There are uncontrolled factions that more people must become aware of before messing with them. It can be compared to Russian roulette. You might get away with playing for a while, but eventually the gun will go off. If you feel you must experiment with a board, I strongly suggest that you do so in a controlled environment, never in an area where children may reside or be present. Always say a prayer for protection prior to starting. If there is ANY indication of trouble, move the planchett to 'goodbye' to end the session, then remove the planchett from the board immediately. If the trouble still persists, call in someone with experience in these matters to help you clear it up. My best advise however, is not to mess with it in the first place.

Do you call yourselves ghostbusters or ghosthunters?

No we don't. We are researchers.

I think I have a ghost in my house, how do I get rid of it?

Believe it or not, try talking to it. Out loud.  Simply ask it to move on to the light where it belongs, that it shouldn't be there, that it makes you uncomfortable. You can also have your home blessed by a member of the clergy if that is what will make you feel better. DON'T start messing with ouigi boards and seances. This will just make the problem worse. If you are really at loose ends contact an investigative group who can at least give you an idea of what you are dealing with, and never show fear.

Could you please tell me everything you know about spirits (good, evil)

Spirits, can be people who have gone over to the other side. There are also spirits that have never been a human. You will run into nasty ones,  nice ones, loving ones, cantankerous ones. They come in all shapes, sizes, dispositions and descriptions.  These would also include angels, demons, devils. With the exception of benevolent angels or people who have passed over, other disembodied entities can be highly unpredictable and malevolent. Even humans who have passed over can be bad news.

Are ghosts real?

In our opinion, ghosts are real, however, it is not proven by science as of yet and the purpose of this site does not include converting people to believe. All of our team have  experienced paranormal and psychic phenomena since early childhood and are aware at all times of activity around us as a family. A true believer never has to be convinced and a non believer will never be convinced. In between these two, is a good place to be, with an open mind, of course. We still question everything and eliminate what it can't be before we can come to any conclusion even though some of us have been doing this work all our lives. Always eliminate other causes before you come to any conclusion. Remember this subject is pure speculation until proven otherwise, and that hasn't happened yet.

Why do ghosts haunt people?

Ghosts/spirits very rarely haunt people, although it does sometimes happen from time to time. Some ghosts/hauntings are actually recordings of history that repeat themselves over and over, without the scenario actually changing, like repeating a video tape (Residual haunting). Other ghosts/spirits on the other hand may be interactive and change their behaviour according to the circumstances surrounding them. When people are, so called, "haunted", it is by a "spirit" who is usually trying to communicate rather than "haunt" and sometimes they just don't realize that they may be frightening someone.

I'm doing a project for school and I need information.

Read this entire site and use what you can, however credit your source. Then check out all the links on the links page. If you are looking for more or varied information or other opinions. If you haven't found everything you need, seek a search engine using keys words such as: ghosts, hauntings, paranormal, spectre, spirits, etc.

Does a picture with orbs in it mean I have ghosts?

Absolutely not. Orbs are caused by dust, moisture particles, lint, reflections, etc. We could go on but you get the idea. Anything that can be explained by natural causes is not a ghost. You simply cannot take a picture of dust particles and call it a spirt/ghost, although several people love to make this claim. We can create orb photos at anytime, they are not spirits! No one has yet proven that orbs are spirits however, the opposite is true; we can prove they are likely caused by either dust, moisture, lint, snow, cat hair etc. We have taken photos of some really unusual things and have to question their origin, but again we can't claim they are spirits.

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