Interview with our bus driver with respect to his own experience while waiting in the parking lot.

We eventually made our way back to the bus later only to discover a nervous bus driver with a very interesting story. Anita asked the driver to repeat the story again with the audio tape rolling to which he agreed as long as we didn't identify him by name. Below is the verbatim transcript of that conversation.

Anita: Would you mind if I ask just a few questions about what you saw in the parking lot?


Anita: Sorry didn’t mean to put you on the spot or anything……

Driver:I was sitting in my like, um, in front of the bus facing the parking lot and I was just sitting in my front, in the driver’s seat and ah just when I looked at, ahhh something took my attention, I looked and I could see this lady with white-long hair, white dress, running through the parking lot, so I turned the headlights on. I just saw a few seconds of her and she was schhh, disappeared. (at this point he raised his hand as if dismissing someone, implying that she had disappeared).

Anita:Oh, Amazing

Driver:So I said, I better go for a coffee, then I went down to the town and got the coffee and come back and then I was listening to the people ……..(can’t quite make out what he says here) then I came back along here and said let me park over here.

Anita: What time did you see it?

Driver: About 9 o’clock, when it was really dark.

Anita: Around 9?

Driver Ya around 9.

Anita:Thank you very much

Haunted Hamilton Niagara Ghost Trip
August 30 2003

HRG attended a tour organized by Haunted Hamilton in August of 2003, one of the stops being Fort George. During the tour of the tunnel at the far end of the fort, Anita Goodrich managed to capture the photo posted below. There was quite a bit of controversy over this photo, however we offer the following facts and you can decide for yourself.

This photo was taken of Jeff O. who insisted that he was by himself at the end of the tunnel at the time. You will note however, that there are two figures in the photo, one being Jeff and another figure in black. There were about 4 or 5 of us all together at the other end of the tunnel watching all this take place.

Jeff is absolutely positive that no one was standing down at that end of the tunnel near him at the time. When we shouted and asked Jeff who was standing to his right (our left) near the door, he stated he was the only one there. No one else answered to acknowledge that they were standing near Jeff, which led us to believe Jeff was alone at that end of the tunnel in front of the entrance (check out audio clip below). We also managed to capture this same shot on video and went through it frame by frame and we confirmed a black shadow standing near Jeff by the door.

Jeff later emailed us with the following statement:

In regard to the apparition caught in a picture in the tunnel at Fort George and to the possibility that another person was present. I just want to say for the record that there was nobody anywhere near me when the photo in question was taken, as I was asked several times by your team members, as there was mention of someone standing beside me. Also I was using an Infrared thermometer that dropped from 62 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit at the same time the apparition was spotted by, I believe, 4-5 people with the naked eye. Just confirm, when we tried to duplicate the settings the infrared thermometer would not go below 60 degrees fahrenheit. Also the tunnel had a large door at the end and at the same time the temperature readings were taken, the door was shut to avoid outside drafts.

Hope to talk to you soon
Regards, Jeff O.

After we returned to the bus, about 90 minutes later, we made a point of asking everyone if they were in the tunnel during this time period and if so why they didn't answer when we called out. Every single person denied being in the tunnel at the time, with the exception of the few that were standing with us at the time. Each claimed they were not present after we described what had happened.  Several days later however, one of the tour group who had denied being in the tunnel when we asked on the day of the occurrence changed her mind and said, yes she had been standing there. That leaves us with several questions.

1. Why didn't she acknowledge she was standing there when we were shouting for a reponse during the occurrence?
2. Why didn't Jeff see her standing near him?
3. Why did she initially deny being there?
4. Why did she later decide to fess up?

She either lied in the beginning about being there during the occurrence or she lied later about being there at all. Either way, her credibility is questionable because one way or another, she did indeed lie about it; we just don't know why.  She could have saved us a lot of trouble if she had just admited she was indeed there at the time. The sad part is that the photo is now questionable and we have to dismiss it.  We never did get any explanation as to why she came forward later.

Fort George, Niagara, Ontario
June 16 2001

Date:June 16 2001
WeatherCloudy, Hot, Humid
Moon Phase25%

We began our tour of Fort George at 8:00 pm with Kyle Upton conducting the tour. If you have never been lucky enough to take this tour with Kyle or his staff, you have no idea what you are missing.

Kyle told remarkable stories on his tour, of experiences both he and the staff of Fort George have had over the years. Some will make your hair stand on end. But to find that out you have to go on the Fort George Ghost Tour.

At the beginning of our tour, I was already in for a treat, spying a full white apparition beside the first bastion to the left of the front gate as you walk in. It literally appeared about 15 - 20 feet from our group as they walked up the ramp, however, much to my surprise no one else noticed!

During our observation of  Blockhouse 2, I  spotted a dark shadow in the corner of the room seemingly watching us and picked up a name, which I won't reveal at this time. Further along the tour, I was quite pleased to be taken by the right elbow by an unseen hand and helped down a hill toward the tunnel at the opposite end of the fort. Let me clarify that because of spinal difficulties I used to have difficulty walking and used a cane at the time.
Upon reaching the tunnel, Kyle took us in. It was dark, damp and your imagination could easily run wild, if you weren't careful.
Black mist  hanging over mirror in Officer's Quarters. Any suggestions?
Close up
Solarized version of the photo.
Jeff is the figure on the right.
Anita Perron (c) 2003

Founded in 1999
Fort George, Niagara, Ontario