DateJune 29  2002 ~ Night Visit
July 10 2002 ~ Day Visit

Investigators:  Krystal Perron, Steve Dietrich, Dee Freedman

Equipment : Nikon 945 Digital Camera

We received a report from a reader about phenomena on an undisclosed road, which is located near of Bobcaygeon, Ontario and as such decided to take a drive up there since it isn't that far from where we live. It was a  spur of the moment idea at approximately 11:30 p.m., June 29 2002. While driving this road, one gets a very eerie feeling, however we feel that the feeling is the result of the road being narrow, surrounded by forest and swamp and just plain out in the middle of nowhere. We did decide however, that we would make a day trip back there to scout it out.

On July 10, 2002 Krystal, Steve and Dee drove up to the road in the early afternoon to get a good look at the location. The road runs north and south and extends approximately 5 km. We made several stops along the road during a 3 hour visit and found the road extremely narrow, void of homes with plenty of bush and forest. We also found nothing unusual but did find plenty of narrow paths, which are maintained each winter as part of the Ontario snowmobile trail system. It occurred to us that hundreds of snowmobilers travel in this area through the winter during both the days and nights, yet we have never received a report from anyone using the trails.

We admit that the area itself is not occupied by many homes and tends to be swampy in a lot of spots (hence the mysterious lights that were reported to us). We feel at this time that until we get further reports supporting the theory that it may be a paranormal hotspot, our file will remain closed on this particular location.

As you can see, lots of forest to spark your imagination.
Undisclosed Road, Bobcaygeon, Ontario
We found a few spots where the forest opens up onto meadows
We found an interesting fossilized rock
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