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We are a dedicated team involved in the study of the paranormal, collecting various data required for the development of theory. The multitude of reports of supernatural phenomena are just too many to ignore without finding some type of explanation for its existence. 

We have assisted several of our clients to find some relief of what may be causing certain phenomena in their homes or business, enabling them to continue day to day living with a better understanding of what they may or may not be dealing with.

Not all suspected hauntings are due to paranormal circumstances. We sometimes find perfectly good explanations for occurrences that may have been questionable otherwise. It is only fitting that we must rule out all plausible normal explanations of cause before we can determine the possibility of classing a case as unexplainable. As we are dealing with an area totally speculative, we cannot certify what you may believe is ghostly. We can only offer our opinion with respect to unexplained findings. If you are looking for a definite certification or endorsement that your business or home is haunted, then we are afraid that we are the wrong investigative team for your needs.

The people and events within our historical past are also taken into consideration after we have completed our investigation, which in certain cases, may help us understand the relevance of what is occurring.

Within our team, beliefs vary with respect to the paranormal in many ways. We have no set belief as a group and do not hinder or wish to undermine the beliefs of each individual. Our group is made up of believers, skeptics and those in between. We are also a group of varying religions, however religion is not a factor in determining the outcome of any investigation and is best left outside the study. This is stated simply to demonstrate the diversity of our team.

Although our staff does include a couple of sensitives, we rely on data collected, historical research and gathered evidence. Although we use the talents of our sensitives as a guide, we largely rely on facts at the end of the day and our reports reflect both. We will warn you that impressions that we can match to actual fact is circumstantial evidence at best. We do not readily or immediately accept psychic impressions as they are obtained. They are called 'impressions' for a reason. They are useful as a catalyst to question whatever we may be dealing with and compare them, after the fact, with accurate and verifiable historical references.

During an investigation, we follow the terms, guidelines and direction of the property owner. No equipment or method that we use is destructive nor dangerous to property or person. Our files and records are confidential and shared only with each individual client as it relates to them or as they may direct.

Members of the HRG team are also available for speaking engagements at schools of various levels, group functions and seminars. Should you wish to inquire with respect to an investigation and wish more information, please write to us at the email address below. We'll do what we can to help you, but please note that we do not "clear" locations or get rid of ghosts, although we can offer suggestions, which may be useful.

Please note that HRG does not charge for investigations. We accept donations when they are offered freely, however a donation is not a requirement should you require our help.

If you have a comment or an experience relating to any of our published investigations, please feel free to write to us. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your time here.

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Dee Jessome - Director/Investigator

Krystal Leigh-Perron - Case Manager/Investigator

Brian Perron - Technical Manager

Looking for a team to investigate your suspected haunting? Contact us at the above email address for more information. We attend businesses as well as private homes and government operated facilities. All files/cases are handled in a confidential manner. Case particulars are not published on this site without the express permission of the client. Should you give your permission to HRG to publish your case we do not use your name or actual location in order to protect your privacy.

If you would like to book HRG for a speaking engagement, please contact us at: 
for details and scheduling.
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January 1, 1973 -
January 5, 2014